We use our position to influence change.

Ben & Jerry’s, along with other companies like Patagonia, are an inspiration in our corporate pursuit to become more socially responsible.

Throughout his life, ESADoggy CEO and Co-Founder Chaz Stevens has had a long tradition of social responsibility, particularly with respect to the separation of church and state, raising awareness to violence directed at women and children, and combating racial inequality. 

Chaz pursues corporate social responsibility by combining the company’s economic mission with its product one.

Well known for being vocal about violence against women and combating racial inequality, Chaz is currently raising awareness on the separation of church from state, believing this allows people to practice their own faith without fear or discrimination.

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Why Choose ESADoggy?

In a marketplace ripe with websites are using questionable business practices, learn more about our ethics and values. Here at ESADoggy, we look to make the world a better place for all ... you, me, us ... and, of course, our furry friends.