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All Plans Include The Following.

  • Emotional support animal letters guaranteed to always work or your money back.
  • 100% refund if not approved.
  • Free annual renewals.
  • Qualify up to two ESAs.
  • Two guidebooks (ebooks).
  • Includes signed and completed landlord, college dorm, and airline travel forms.
  • Instructional guides.
  • Online mental health assessment.
  • Consultations with licensed mental health professional.
  • One year of support.

Forever Guaranteed To Work.

Two years of painstaking research, vetting by top industry experts and housing-law attorneys, combined with world-class customer service have all come together to produce the finest Emotional Support Animal products on the planet that are guaranteed to work.

If you’re ever denied a reasonable accommodation using our products, we’ll immediately refund all of your money.

The 100% Safe ESA Letter Service

Our direct and straight-forward process is designed to connect patients with licensed mental health professionals.

About ESADoggy

We both know an animal's companionship, and unconditional affection can bring happiness to a family or a person’s life.; this can be especially true for those struggling with anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep issues, and other recognized emotional disabilities.

Through a mental health care provider-issued letter of prescription, these animals are a practical treatment option, bringing comfort and help minimize negative symptoms associated with a wide variety of emotional disabilities.

Still unsure about us? Just call us at 800-372-4125 to speak with a member of our customer support team. We’ve got the friendliest staff!

Our ESADoggy Emotional Support Animal Letter Consultations contain everything you need to live and travel with your Emotional Support Animal. Don’t be tricked into thinking all you need is your ESA letter. With our very important guidebooks, you’ll learn all about the rules, regulations, and laws surrounding Emotional Support Animals.

Also, we’ll provide instructional guides on how to present your ESA letter to the authorities. And yes, when it comes to housing, there’s specific HUD guidelines to follow.

All purchases include complimentary telephone and email support for non-medical and non-emotional related issues.

ESADoggy will support you through the year, answering questions about ESA travel and housing issues. About a month before your letter expires, we’ll reach out to you, re-certify your status, and issue a new letter(s). You will never be out of compliance.

Billed After Services Rendered: During checkout, we will pre-authorize your credit card for the total amount due. Pre-authorization allows us to submit your paperwork for review. You are not billed until you are issued an Emotional Support Animal letter.

Please note, if you paid with Paypal, they do not offer the this feature.

ESADoggy letters are good in all 50 states and for all US originating international travel. By law, letters are good for one year. Annual renewals are performed free of charge. Letters are written and signed by a state Licensed Mental Health Professional.

ESADoggy Installment Plan

With the ESADoggy Installment Plan, you can receive your ESADoggy Package (letter) now and pay monthly installments at no extra charge with your major credit card. The product price, package customization (expedited service, notary, etc.), and shipping charges if applicable will be divided into four equal payments.

The first installment will be billed on the date you are approved. Then, approximately every 30 to 31 days, each remaining installment will be billed to the credit card used on the order.

ESADoggy Installment Plan billing dates are set according to the order approval date; billing dates for future installments can’t be customized or changed.

Please note: certain payment methods, including prepaid cards, may not be available for items purchased with ESADoggy Installment Plan.

Note: We do not sell ID cards, badges, vests, etc. They are not required by law, and often times, are possibly indicative of a letter-mill issuing fake documents. We recommend avoiding such accessories at all costs.

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At ESADoggy, we take the following precautions with your protected health information (PHI):

  • We have put safeguards in place to protect patient health information.
  • We reasonably limit use and sharing of protected health information to the minimum necessary.
  • We have procedures to limit who can access patient health information, and training programs about how to protect patient health information.

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