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While face-to-face therapy can cost upwards of $350 for a single session, our cost is just $169. That’s all-inclusive, just pay one flat fee, and that’s it, you’re never out another dime. We won’t soak you with hidden fees.

Consult with a licensed professional

Via telephonic or video sessions, you’ll speak with an in-state licensed mental health professional to assess your disability and disability-related need for an emotional support animal. Follow-up care will also be offered.*

Typically our process, from assessment to issuance of letter, will take three to five business days to complete.

ESA Housing Consultation includes:

  • ESA Housing Letter (emailed and sent USPS First-Class Mail).
  • Reasonable Accommodation Form (aka Landlord or Dorm Form).
  • Free annual renewals.
  • Qualify up to two ESAs (we have strict guidelines for qualifying two pets).
  • Two e-books (ESA Guidebook and ESA Laws).
  • Instructional guide.
  • Online mental health assessment.
  • Video and/or telephone consultation(s) with licensed mental health professional.

Now available in Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Keep your pets in “no-pets-allowed” housing.
  • Letters are written and signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Purchase of this product does not guarantee you will be issued a housing letter.

At checkout, we will pre-authorize your credit card for the amount of purchase, making sure the card is valid and has sufficient funds. You are only billed when an ESA letter is prescribed.

ESADoggy will support you through the year, answering questions about ESA travel and housing issues. About a month before your letter expires, we’ll reach out to you, re-certify your status, and issue a new letter(s). You will never be out of compliance.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the HIPAA Privacy Rule to enforce HIPAA requirement. The Privacy Rule addresses the use and disclosure of the health information for individuals by covered entities subject to the Rule. It also creates a standard for individual privacy rights to control and understand how their health information is used.

At ESADoggy, we take the following precautions with your protected health information (PHI):

  • We have put safeguards in place to protect patient health information.
  • We reasonably limit use and sharing of protected health information to the minimum necessary.
  • We have procedures to limit who can access patient health information, and training programs about how to protect patient health information.

Learn more about our HIPAA Compliance.