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Our therapists will verify your disability and disability related need for an emotional support animal. Qualifying individuals will receive an emotional support animal letter of prescription. This document fully complies with all Federal law, in addition to all housing and airline requirements.

1. Prescreening your mental health

You will safely and securely complete our brief mental health screening. This anonymous assessment will allow us to determine if you should connect with a mental health professional.

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2. Shop ESA letter consultations

While a traditional face-to-face single therapy session can easily run $350, the total cost of your e-therapy ESA consultation with us is $149 to $199. You'll just pay one flat fee and are never out another dime.

3. Consult with a licensed professional

Via telephonic or video sessions, you’ll speak with an in-state licensed mental health professional to assess your disability and disability-related need for an emotional support animal. Follow-up care will also be offered.*

An ESADoggy Emotional Support Animal assessment consists of the following steps.

1. Safely and securely complete our brief mental health screening.

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2. Purchase your consultation. Your credit card is not charged until you are approved.

3. Complete our HIPAA-compliant mental health intake evaluation (please set aside up to a half-hour to finish).

4. With your intake now complete, a licensed mental health professional from your local area/state will be assigned to you.

5. Arrange a convenient time for your first e-therapy appointment. There is no need for an in-person visit.

6. Meet with your therapist via telephone or Skype, discussing your disability and disability-related need for an emotional support animal. If needed, a follow-up session may be scheduled.

Federal privacy guidelines require these discussions to remain strictly confidential. Your therapist will never share that information with anyone without your consent.

7. If your therapist determines you need an Emotional Support Animal, a letter of prescription will be issued and delivered electronically (via our HIPAA service) and US Regular Mail.

Our letters are fully compatible with the latest Federal and air carrier guidelines.

8. A few days after you receive your letter(s), your therapist will reach out to confirm receipt and to address any possible concerns.

9. Depending on your situation, your therapist may suggest optional aftercare.

10. Your therapist will continue to maintain a relationship with you throughout the year, evaluating your progress made by the assistance animal in addressing your disability.


  1. Typically our initial process, from assessment to issuance of letter, will take three to five business days to complete.
  2. Our operating hours are from 10am-7pm (EST).  Each therapist will set their own hours.
  3. We only allow dogs and cats to be prescribed as emotional support animals.

Please note: We are motivated to help individuals who will benefit from our legitimate services.

Regardless of a client’s final ESA letter approval (or not), our therapists are paid — which removes any financial incentive to churn out approval letters. 

In fact, we train our therapists to turn away individuals who are “gaming the system.”

Yes, that’s right, that would put us in the red — since a client isn’t charged until they’re approved, we lose money on those not prescribed an emotional support animal letter.


We want to do this right, we want to take care of those in need, we don’t ever want to become an “ESA letter mill.”

So, if you’re looking for an instant certification, a de minimis approval process, save a few bucks in travel fees, or bend the Federal law to your advantage, then you’ll be best served looking elsewhere. Don’t worry, trust us, there’s plenty of online vendors willing to do business that way.

Two years of painstaking research, vetting by top industry experts and housing-law attorneys, combined with world-class customer service have all come together to produce the finest Emotional Support Animal products on the planet that are guaranteed to work.

If you’re ever denied a reasonable accommodation using our products, we’ll immediately refund all of your money.

Of course, a few restrictions apply.*

When you’re choosing an online provider, it’s essential to consider a company’s network of providers.

ESANet is a network of licensed mental health professionals who have all received training on fair housing and assistance animal law, accommodation verification documentation, and best practices for conducting a disability assessment for the disability-related need for an emotional support animal.

With many experienced psychologists, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers serving each state, we seek to establish an ongoing therapy-based client relationship.