New York Emotional Support Dog Certification

New York Emotional Support Dog Certification

For those that qualify, a New York Emotional Support Dog Letter enables the animal’s owner to keep their furry companion around to help manage anxiety, stress, and emotional disability.

Qualifying for a New York Emotional Support Dog Letter is Simple, Quick, and Discreet

Now, if you’re wondering why don’t you just get your ESA letter, here are a few things to consider:

  • You need to locate a qualified mental health professional who will prescribe a New York Emotional Support Dog Letter.
  • Not all letters are the same, especially for housing. Is your doctor up to date on FHAct requirements?
  • You’ll likely need to visit your therapist in person. If they’re in another town, that could eat up the entire day.
  • Are you ready to answer intimate questions in front of a complete stranger?

And then, there’s the office visit to your therapist:

  • Consultations can run upwards of $350 for a single session
  • You may need to have return visits, with no guarantee an ESA letter will eventually be approved
  • Paperwork can sometimes take a week to complete, putting your legal rights in limbo.

Here at ESADoggy, you’ll not have to deal with any of the above, because we handle the entire process.

The Best ESA Products On The Planet.

Two years of painstaking research, vetting by top industry experts and housing-law attorneys, combined with world-class customer service have all come together to produce the finest Emotional Support Animal products on the planet that are guaranteed to work.

If you're ever denied a reasonable accommodation using our products, we'll immediately refund all of your money, plus throw in $100 of ours for good measure.

Finding New York Support in Non-Pet Policies

Our ESA consultation will level the playing field, protecting you from “no-pets” allowed policies that can otherwise restrict your traveling and housing options.

Even if you locate pet-friendly housing or take your pet in the airline cabin, you’re likely to:

  • Run into a pet deposit ($500 or more)
  • Pay $100 or more per month in pet fees to your landlord
  • Dish out an additional $200 to the airlines

However, with the proper New Mexico Emotional Support Dog Letter from ESADoggy, you can say goodbye to those fees! Our documentation will also protect you and your pet from eviction. And, you’ll gain a solid peace of mind knowing you’ll have your pet there, along with knowing your rights are protected under the law.

Looking to take your dog out to dinner here in New York?

Don’t leave Fido in the hotel room when it’s time for dinner. A few of our favorite sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, bars, and other eateries in New York, NY that welcome Fido to join at an outdoor table are listed below.

Bon appetit!

  • d.b.a., New York, NY
  • Barking Dog Luncheonette, New York, NY
  • Cornelia Street Cafe, New York, NY

How do I know that this is legal?

There are two main federal laws that apply to ESAs: the Air Carrier Access Act, and the Fair Housing Act. Our New York Emotional Support Dog Letters prescribed by our company are legally compliant and prescribed by mental health professionals.

What kind of Licensed Mental Health Professional will sign my letter?

All of our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and legally allowed to approve ESA letters.

Top Dog Friendly Activities in New York

Here’s a few ideas for the adventurous:

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Inwood Hill Park Trail, New York, NY

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Marisa Perry Atelier, New York, NY

Leashed dogs are welcome to join their humans in this fine jewelry store in the West Village at the entrance to the Meat Packing District. Pups … More

ESA Letter Basic

    How many animals are covered by the ESA letter?

    As a general rule, our letters only cover one pet. However, speak to your therapist if you need more than one ESA to improve your mental health.

    What does the letter look like?

    Your ESA letter is prescribed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the licensed mental health professional and have everything legally needed for an ESA prescription within the body of the letter, including their license number and contact information.

    Using Your ESA letter

    How do I submit my ESA letter to a landlord or airline?

    You can print out your PDF, or use the one you’ll get in the mail.

    We strongly recommend that you present the housing letter to your landlord in-person.

    For airlines, make sure to call at least 48 hours before departure.

    What rights do I get with an ESA letter?

    Your rights depend on which ESA letter you applied for.

    The Housing ESA letter entitles you to qualify for no-pet housing (in apartments with more than 4 units and houses where the landlord owns multiple properties). This means that even if an apartment is listed as not allowing pets, you are legally protected to have one.

    You also won’t have to pay a pet deposit and can’t be charged a pet fee by the owner.

    With the travel letter you will also be able to to fly with your pet in the cabin with no additional fee.

    Additional Questions

    Do I need to use an “ESA registration” site?

    No, that’s not a legal requirement for an ESA.

    Will I need additional accessories like vests and an ID card?

    Again no, not a legal requirement.

    How To Qualify

    Without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office, you can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. To qualify, you must complete the following steps.

    1. Prescreening your mental health

    You will safely and securely complete our brief mental health screening. This anonymous assessment will allow us to determine if you should connect with a mental health professional.

    2. Shop ESA letter consultations

    While face-to-face therapy can cost upwards of $350 for a single session, our total cost ranges from $149 to $199. That’s all-inclusive, just pay one flat fee, and that’s it, you’re never out another dime. We won’t soak you with hidden fees.

    3. Consult with a licensed professional

    Via telephonic or video sessions, you’ll speak with an in-state licensed mental health professional to assess your disability and disability-related need for an emotional support animal. Follow-up care will also be offered.*

    Take Your Assessment Now!
    Forever Guaranteed To Work.

    Two years of painstaking research, vetting by top industry experts and housing-law attorneys, combined with world-class customer service have all come together to produce the finest Emotional Support Animal products on the planet that are guaranteed to work.

    If you're ever denied a reasonable accommodation using our products, we'll immediately refund all of your money, plus throw in $100 of ours for good measure.

    Reviewing your ESA letter.

    There are A LOT of horribly written ESA letters out there. We've shopped them, our clients and visitors to our site have sent them to us, and we've spent the last two years giving them the once-over. In a word, they're bad. Really bad.

    At ESADoggy, we offer a web-based service that allows visitors (aka you) to submit their Emotional Support Animal letter, where it's reviewed by a team member. We'll gladly take a look, and reply back with our thoughts, but don't hate us if we come back with bad news.

    Have Your Letter Reviewed For Free!
    All Inclusive Pricing.

    Pay one price and leave your wallet behind. ESADoggy offers all-inclusive pricing for an Emotional Support Animal letter that is easy to understand without hidden costs or future surprises.

    The 100% Safe ESA letter Service

    Our direct and straight-forward process is designed to connect patients with licensed mental health professionals.

    About ESADoggy

    We both know an animal's companionship, and unconditional affection can bring happiness to a family or a person’s life.; this can be especially true for those struggling with anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep issues, and other recognized emotional disabilities.

    Thankfully, various Federal Laws, including the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act, provide qualified individuals, along with their Emotional Support Animal, access to no-pets-allowed housing, travel amenities, and protection against discrimination, eviction, and unfair fees and deposits.

    Through a mental health care provider-issued letter of prescription, these animals are a practical treatment option, bringing comfort and help minimize negative symptoms associated with a wide variety of emotional disabilities.

    To bring this idea to the masses, we created ESADoggy, an organization built on a foundation of compassion and kindness toward people and animals in need.

    Learn about us, our process, how we safeguard your personal information, and the Federal Laws we follow.

    Or, just give us a call at 800-372-4125 to speak with a member of our Client Support Team.