Connecting Clients with Trusted ESA Professionals.

Empathy Driven, Excellence Delivered.

Unmatched expertise in assistance animal verification, championing kindness, and safeguarding client trust.

ESADoggy connects clients with top-tier medical professionals for verified assistance animal needs. ESA letters enable individuals with mental health challenges to live/travel with their pets. These animals not only offer love but also enhance mental well-being. Obtain one through a licensed professional evaluation.

CEO Chaz Stevens, a respected former Housing Authority Commissioner, emphasizes acting with integrity and empathy.

Core Values:

We prioritize kindness, compassion, and respect, with zero tolerance for intolerance.

High Standards:
  • Daily, we champion Fair Housing by:
  • Following HUD guidelines.
  • Observing state laws.
  • Adopting industry best practices.
Recognized Excellence:

Proudly A+ rated by BBB and a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Why Choose ESADoggy?

  • People: Dedicated team offering unparalleled service.
  • Experience: Ongoing training and tech innovations set us apart.
  • Continuity: Opt for continued care post-diagnosis.
  • Fees: Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Communication: Always available with direct contact points.
  • Ethics: Honesty and transparency define us.
Our Commitment:

We ensure a smooth process for ESA/PSD letters with no extra charges. If you don’t qualify, we bear the costs.

Working With Us, Expect:
  • AI-backed efficient client assessment.
  • Collaboration with state-specific licensed professionals.
  • Full compliance with state and Federal guidelines.
  • Secure protection of your health information.
  • A thorough, guideline-abiding process.
Get The Help You Need.
If you've been on the fence, there has never been a better time to start.
Our documents not only complies but also commands respect, simplifying your journey to a contented life.
Engaging with ESADoggy is a holistic experience. Our AI-driven process guarantees precise assessments.
Our unwavering dedication to genuine ESAs and the well-being of their clients sets us apart with legitimate ESA letters.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Working With Us.

Pursuing the help you require should be seamless and stress-free. ESADoggy is here for that precise purpose - to offer unmatched professional assistance for your ESA or PSD letter requirements without any hidden costs. Our expert mental health professionals, complemented by our dedicated US-based team, ensure you receive guidance at every juncture. Should you find you're not eligible, rest assured - any expenses incurred in the process will be on us.

Here's what you can anticipate with our collaboration:

  1. Pioneering the industry with our AI-driven methodology, our exclusive intake-assessment system empowers our team to accurately and promptly identify a client's necessity for an assistance animal.
  2. We ensure you're paired with a licensed professional from your respective state.
  3. All documentation is meticulously aligned with every state and Federal mandate.
  4. Your Protected Health Information remains under stringent protection.
  5. We stand by our commitment to integrity, ensuring every step is taken meticulously, abiding by all relevant industry standards.

Your order also includes screening, consultation, therapeutic assessment, and treatment planning with a licensed provider practicing in your state. Orders normally fulfilled within five business days. Expedited appointments are available ($).

We recommend if your disability is not readily apparent to the naked eye, and you're looking to secure an PSD letter, that you also consider an ESA letter if your needs include housing.